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photo The Temple is seen in Atlanta. In 1958, a bomb blast ripped a hole in The Temple, an act of violence which still resonates today in Atlanta’s Jewish community. The bomb blast also inspired a book, and aplay now on stage at Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre.

Just went through the Big Greenbrier photos in the collection and I recognize alot of locations where it shows old cabins still standing. I think I can help id some of those if you’re interested. Also, the one photo listed as from Palmer Center would have to be Pitman Center.

Team mates Leigh McLevy and Emma Vallely ran well to hold on to second place.In the under 17 race, Sarah Cassells returned to form with a first class opening leg to give Seaforth a small lead. Solid runs from Lauren Goldie and Katie Sprang helped the team to a well deserved gold.The senior women’s race was the most exciting of the day. Opening legs from twin sisters Laura Wallace and Toni McIntosh left Louise Hill Stirling with almost a two minute deficit to rivals Kilmarnock.However, a stunning performance saw her overhaul the Kilmarnock final leg athlete with just over 400 metres to go to give Seaforth their first Ayrshire senior female title in many years.The senior men suffered the reverse fate.

However, given the contempt with which the public holds politicians, I find it surprising that they don try something. It not difficult to think of dozens of situations where a bit of leadership might have improved everything, even the politician in question prospects. Imagine if, back in 2013, Cameron had said, not leaving the EU because all our business leaders think we be nuts http://www.cheapraybansunglass.com to do so.

Moving forward to the rules of shooting. Advertisement supposedly are more clean cut and clear, focuses much more on the items. As for editorial, it more of the overall mood by combining outfits, background, prop, lighting etc. I want more time sipping martinis at the Green Mill Jazz Club on Thursday nights. But that is not going to happen. I probably have only a few days left being a person on this planet.

Get Arsenal FC updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailArsene Wenger has been accused of giving an „arrogant, defensive and patronising” interview to BBC reporter Jacqui Oatley after Arsenal’s 2 2 draw with Hull City on Saturday.Match of the Day host Gary Lineker slammed Wenger on Twitter for the Arsenal boss’s interview after the match which leaves the Gunners with just two wins from eight Premier League matches this season.Lineker said: „Must say, I thought Arsene Wenger was arrogant, defensive and patronising to Jacqui Oatley in the face of excellent and fair questioning.”Oatley described it as an „adversarial” interview in which the Frenchman accused her of not listening to him.Oatley asked him: „So just be clear why you felt you didn’t win the game bearing in mind you said you dominated it?”Wenger: „You look at the numbers, look at the number of shots on goal, how many times did they come in our half and you will see that they defended well and [we] made it difficult for ourselves by giving them a second goal and we were a bit unlucky as well and the usual football game where one team defends and one attacks and the team who takes the initiative doesn’t always win, specially when you are one goal behind it gives them morale to defend well and they did it well.Oatley: „You feel you didn’t win the game because they didn’t come out of their half enough?”Wenger: „I didn’t say that, you don’t listen really well to me.”Oatley: „Two wins from eight matches in the Premier League this season, who or what do you think is to blame for that?”Wenger: „Who is to blame? Why do you always want to blame people? We try our best and we can only look at ourselves and nobody else, I don’t understand the question.”Wenger: „You don’t listen really well to me”Oatley: „A lot of the Arsenal supporters are looking at the fact there wasn’t another centre half or a defensive central midfielder signed in the summer, can you understand why they say that?”Wenger: „I can understand everything.”Oatley: „Are they correct in saying thats the reason why things are not going well at the moment?”Wenger: „Look you have to respect everybody’s opinion. You have been at the game today I don’t know why you come up with such a question when you have seen the game today. I don’t think our problem was there today.”Oatley: „You said there was problem in defence with conceding too many goals””Yes, but some other teams have bought many defenders and concede goals as well, I thinks it’s more problem of concentration than of quality.”Oatley said on Twitter afterwards: „That’s the ray ban outlet most adversarial interview I’ve done with Mr Wenger.

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